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Hedging has never been easier

What we learned

What we’ve learned from visiting 200+ corporate clients: Hedging currency risks properly is no easy task.

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Ever-changing exposures

Most internationally active companies work with orders and invoices that are changing constantly. This results in fluctuating exposures that are difficult to fully hedge.

No hedging policy

Many companies either work without a hedging policy or don’t know if their hedging targets are being met. So, it’s hard to tell how exposed the company actually is.

Excel sheets are time-consuming

Treasurers typically rely on lengthy Excel sheets to calculate cash flows and exposures. This takes up a lot of valuable time and mistakes are not uncommon.

One person responsible

Usually, only one person is in charge of hedging. In most cases, no one else can take over when they are out of the office.

These problems can lead to:

Considerable losses due to unhedged positions. Actual costs of hedging being much higher than anticipated.

Read more about this in our whitepaper

Our solution

The power and ease of automated hedging.

Hedge fast.

Easytrade analyzes bookkeeping data, defines net exposures, downloads data into Excel, filters out currencies, checks for adjusted orders or forecasts, identifies consolidation and netting options and summarizes potential transactions.

Just imagine: hours of work condensed into a few seconds.

Professionalize instantly.

Achieve the next level of professional hedging effortlessly with Easytrade:

  • Quick setup of hedging policy, applied consistently to all transactions.
  • Multiple entities, user accounts and authorization levels for segregation of tasks.
  • Perfectly timed cash flows, preventing costly excess cash balances.
  • Direct insight into the company’s exposure at any time.
  • In-depth reporting.

Everyone can do it.

Hedging doesn’t have to be complicated. With Easytrade, we’ve made no compromises on user-friendliness. So, there’s no need to worry when the treasury specialist goes on holiday.

Our premise: when Easytrade doesn’t make sense in the blink of an eye, it’s simply not good enough. Each new feature we introduce is only ready when clients can use it with zero explanation.

Direct data exchange with your ERP software.

Hedge all orders, invoices or forecasts at once with Easytrade. To really minimize time spent on hedging, Easytrade is designed to interface directly with your ERP software. Easytrade works with a third party that makes it possible to interface with more than 300 ERP platforms.


Upload Excel sheets

Many of our clients start out by uploading Excel sheets to become more familiar with Easytrade.
Level 2

One-way ERP Connection

Importing order or invoice data made possible without the use of Excel sheets.
Level 3

Two-way ERP Connection

Clients with greater volumes of order flows tend to choose for a direct, two-way ERP connection. This allows them to automatically transfer order, invoice or hedging data back-and-forth between Easytrade and their ERP software.

Ways of work

We found two common methods of hedging and automated them..


Each individual invoice or order is hedged separately. Easytrade automatically recognises any changes in due dates and amounts and re-hedges accordingly.


Forecasted cash flows are used to determine hedging without requiring underlying orders or invoices. Initial forecasts can be compared to the company’s most recent forecasted cash flows. Easytrade continuously adjust the hedges to match the company’s targeted hedge percentage or account balance.

Manual trades

Easytrade also allows users to manually execute individual trades (spot and forward transactions, swaps) without having to upload underlying orders or forecasts.

Also available: Manual trades.

We’d love to meet you!.

The more companies we speak to, the better we understand their needs. These conversations are what allow us to continuously improve Easytrade. Our clients give us an 9.4 star rating because of this user-oriented approach. We can’t wait to learn more about your business. Let’s find out together what Easytrade can offer you.

What our clients say.

Dennis van Barneveld
Commercial Director
A partner with the same core values and service level as we intend to have; flexible, quick follow-up and a no-nonsense approach.
Roel Pleizier
Administrator Trade & Import
My experience of Easytrade so far is that it is a very user-friendly tool for ordering my dollars: uploading documents goes smoothly and, if you can’t quite figure it out, Easytrade provides excellent support and clear instructions for what you need to do. I find the platform incredibly fast. Keep up the good work!
Michel Wildschut
I’m very satisfied with Easytrade. The Easytrade team explained everything very well. They were quick to answer any questions and offered great solutions for making Easytrade work for Vingino. Easytrade really is easy to use, by everyone, and without too much fuss.